Humanoid civilization from planet Acamar III. The Acamarians had enjoyed peace for the past century, with the exception of Acamar's nomadic Gatherers, who left their homeworld to become interstellar marauders. These people appeared largely human with the exception of a facial cleft in their foreheads. They are also notable for individualized decorative facial tattooing. Acamarian blood is based on an unusual iron and copper composite, making it readly identifiable. Within Acamarian culture, membership in a clan is considered of great social and political importance, and conflicts between the various clans often became violent. One such feud, between the Lornaks and the Tralestas, lasted some three centuries, and ended only after the last Tralesta was dead. The Acamarian government, headed by Sovereign Marouk, extended an offer of reconciliation to the renegade Gatherers in 2366. The negotiations, mediated by Captain Jean-Luc Picard, were eventually successful.