Mr. Black

Let me introduce you to Mister Black.  He was part of an organization of assassins hired for a heavy price.  This one in particular have a tendency to have exterior activities outside his organization which made him a bit unpopular among his pears and yet his reputation to be an efficient killer never was in doubt.  That is until he buck heads with Captain Francis Drake and Captain Alexandra Lowell.

He met Captain Lowell before she enlisted into Starfleet, Drake managed to keep her safe during their long term mission to retrieve the Lobivian artifact that was stolen from her dig.  When Drake and Lowell found each other again, many things had happen.  Lowell had managed to keep herself out of reach of Black, even if she suspected that some accidents that happen to her might have been an attempt on her life by this shady character. 

  • When she was pregnant, a bomb exploded which injured her and kill her unborn child.
  • At the Academy training space center, a shuttle accident that cost her right arm, just below the shoulder as she was pushing away the instructor to save his life.

It was at Casino Royale mission that Black and Lowell really came face to face and he understood that she was tougher to kill then his other cases.  The reason was simple deduction, she had time to think which in his assassin rule book was a mistake.  Let his prey grow a brain, yet he saw it as a challenge.  This might have been a mistake on his part but he is a patient man.  Captain Lowell more or less send after him an SFI team, that kept themselves out of reach and yet they managed to free Lowell's father and a 2 yrs old boy, a clone from the remains of Lowell's lost baby.  Lowell adopted that child who was her own flesh and blood and also Drake's son.  The SFI agent Dupre return to the hunt and send to Lowell updates.  The last one was when Lowell was about to take on a mission on the USS  Vega. 

This is the moment she choose to set a trap for him, during all those years, Lowell accumulated a lot of credits in various accounts, she regrouped the money and placed it in the account of Black to make him look like he was bribed.  Black never was sway about this, but the sum of money was considerable, and in a secret account that even Black had forgot about.  It had the effect that his group turned on him, Lowell had painted a big bull eye on Black's back and he had to run for his life or kill the members of his organization so that he would live.  During one of those attempts, Black got hurt in one of those moments when he was in an obscure corner of Romulus, there doctors took care of him, and from his orders, genetically changed him.  Nearly stopping the aging process, having lost his forearms, they were replaced by artificial one, a bit Borg like.


Black's ship


During the years that followed, and the Alliance war, Black searched for Lowell and Drake the two persons he never managed to kill.  He found Lowell's father and after a long time of torture, killed him taking his university ring as a keepsake, eventually to show it to Lowell and torture her psychologically if he got the chance.  But from her father he did learn that Lowell' ship had been pushed out of further into the Beta quadrant.

During his travels, he managed to get his hand on a living ship and as he went slowly deeper to the Beta quadrant.  He knew it is old, but seem to have a lot of power.  It has shields, and some sort of phaser weapon.  Turns on a dime sorta speak and Black is still surprised to what his ship can do but it has been programed to obey him no matter what, maybe fear of pain is one of the ways.

Recently, he managed to get his hand on a small of army of Kranacits.  A race used by another for war purpose.  They had been genetically modified, muscle, reflex all enhanced.