AGE : 45 yrs old
RACE : Human
STATUS : Active
ASSIGNMENT : Starbase Odysseus
Advanced Tactical Marine Operations Squad (ATMOSquad)

Enigma Reapers

Originally formed as a sort of "advanced scouting party", the Advanced Tactical Operations Department of Starfleet has evolved to become the pinnacle of elite operations. Personnel can be garnered from all corners of a Ship or Station's crew and trained for ATOps, be they Command to Medical, or even Marine to Fighter Pilot. No one is beyond the gaze of a Ship's designated ATO Recruiting Scout and the only reason why there are not already thousands of people in ATOps is simply because the training is too rough for some.


White Knights

The ATMOSquad was formed from the now-defunct Combat Engineers squads in several Starfleet Marine Companies. Still Elite Crew at its core, the ATMOSquad is more versatile and much better equipped than its predecessor, as it is open to all crew members, not just the marines.

Marines form the backbone of the ATMOSquads as they serve as Squad Commanders. Most Training of ATMOSquad personnel takes place in the Marine Centers on almost every Starfleet vessel. Their trianing is very similar to the Starfleet Marines, however there is also an extra portion dealing with Field Engineering and Sabotage Operations. Optional vocational courses can also be taken by any given marine, but unlike the marines, in ATOps, experience determines your rank, not your qualifications.Objectives and UsesAtmosquads are generally deployed in limited numbers alongside Marines in Take-and-Hold operations, although they can by all means handle complex and dangerous operations on their own. Their versatility and various skills make them perfectly suited for almost any mission, but their most common use is as that of their predecessors: Combat Engineers, assisting Marines with gaining access to heavily fortified areas or intelligence gathering assignments.

Invisibility is quintessential to the make up of an ATMOsquad: They use the latest Stealth and Camouflage technology and their infiltration techniques and equipment are rigorously tested in the field to assure their efficacy.

The ATMOSquad's range of uses is limited only by their Commander's imagination. They are flexible by definition and they are easily able to adapt to any circumstances.

Weapons and Equipment

ATMOSquads share most of their armory with the Marines, however when a New Weapon prototype is ready for field testing, it is they who receive the new technology, before it goes onto the general Armory.

ATMOSquad BDUs are more advanced than the marines, carrying larger-range Sensor palettes and more in-depth HUD systems. As well as Cloaking technology ATMOSquad BDUs come equipped with a built-in auto-repair system, and interface jacks to enable easy access to alien computer terminals, as well as power sources to enable recharge of the suits' onboard shield systems. These shields are incomparably weak compared to starship-grade shields but they are based on similar technology, albeit played down for use on a personnel scale. Scanning systems and status of the suit are viewed via a small arm console.

Command and Hierarchy Structure

-SKY MARSHAL General (Marine) or Rear Admiral (Naval) - Chief of Starfleet ATOps Department

The heart of ATOps, the ATOPS General is the brain of ATOps, and is in direct command of all ATMOSquads in the Fleet, under the supervision of the Fleet Admiral and in liaison with the head of Starfleet Intelligence.

-ATOps COLONEL Major (Marine) or Captain (Naval) - Chief of Starship ATOps Department

Responsible for overseeing the development and maintenance of all Shipboard squads, the Starship Chief of ATOps is a crucial position that carries a lot of responsibilities. As chief of the department, the Marine or Officer is directly responsible for all decision making, liaising and training schedules that affect the day-to-day operation and Mission Readiness of the Ship's ATMOSquads.

-FIELD MARSHAL Captain (Marine) or Commander (Naval) - ATMOSquad Commander

Similar to Marine Squad Commanders, the ATMOSquad Commander's primary function is to lead the team and rally the troops. Acting as a field marshal they are a valuable echelon of command in situations where no higher-ranking officer is available, and they have authority over all officers in their jurisdiction. When not on a mission, their job is to organize and lead Training exercises and assess each member of their squad, relaying information pertaining to the squad to the ATOps Colonel. Because of this, Field Marshals have earned the dubious nickname of "Chaparones".

-ATMOSquad COMMANDO 3rd Lt - 1st Lt (Marine) or Ensign Jr - Lt Cmdr (Naval) - ATMOSquad Specialist, Personnel

The Meat on the proverbial bones of the Atmosquad, every Commando is priceless to their squad and their ship and they are highly trained and qualified to the highest degree to excel at their job. Heavy influence is placed on versatility in the event that, should casualties be suffered in the field, the mission will not be compromised as there is always someone who can take over from their fallen comrade.

The ATMOS ships

Atmosquads will a few ships assigned for their use only. Some are now in construction, but they already have one assigned to the ATMOS and one to the Marines.


Resistance Class

Type : Battlecruiser

Maximum speed : 9.99 warp

Armament : 5 type X + phaser arrays, 6 transphasic torpedo launcher (being tested), stock 120.

Defense : Regenrative shield system, ablative hull armor, cloaking device.

Interior design : 4 holodecks for training simulations. 2 sickbays, 3 gymnasiums/relaxation areas


Defiant Class, second generation, for the Marines use

Type : Escort ship Crew : 40

Maximum speed : 9.5 warp

Armament : 4 pulse phaser cannons; 3 phaser beam emitters (1 in the nose, 1 behind the bridge on the dorsal surface, 1 behind the shuttlebay doors on the ventral survace); 2 forward quantum torpedo launchers; 1 forward photon torpedo launcher, 2 aft photon torpedo launchers

Defenses : Deflector shields, ablative armor, small cloaking devide (Romulan design)


Defiant Class, third generation

Type : Escort ship Crew : 60

Maximum speed : 9.8 warp

Armament : 4 pulse phaser cannons; 3 phaser beam emitters (1 in the nose, 1 behind the bridge on the dorsal surface, 1 behind the shuttlebay doors on the ventral survace); 2 forward quantum torpedo launchers; 1 forward photon torpedo launcher, 2 aft photon torpedo launchers

Defenses  : Deflector shields, ablative armor, small cloaking devide (Romulan design)

Both ships are under construction

Written by : AW and LD