Objectives and Reasons

Promote constructive development of the game

Ensure game freedoms and players rights

Ensure Democratic rights for all players

Article 1 - Power of the Council

Article 2 -Power of the Commanding Officer

Article 3 - Power of the First Officer and other Command level

Article 4 - The president of the Council

Article One - Power of the Council

The council of the players of the after earth shall have a say in all decisions to do with the game and game decisions. The councils purpose is to ensure that all players have a say in the game and all players have the ability to influence the positions and the expansion of the game.

The Council shall act as the legislative body of the group, all decisions shall be made from with in this organization. The passing of any decisions will take a 3 stage process.

Proposal - whereby the members any of the members can put forward a issue for consideration

Debate - Any opposing opinions can be put forward in a informal manner

Vote and Ratification - Once the vote has occurred the proposal shall be made into part of the law of the game and therefore a requirement of the players to abide by it

1.1 - Proposal Proposal stage is open to all players that have been in the game for longer than 1 month. It is required to be put forward in the first 14 days of each month to allow for decisions and debate to be made. Once a proposal has been put forward a informal debate will occur.

If the proposal is of sensitive nature then it can be forwarded to the Council President that will then put it forward with out any identity being divulged. The sensitivity will be directed to the president in a formal email signalled high priority to the Presidents personal email address.

1.2 Proposal requires the support of a command level officer for the game - This stage is a check and balance to ensure that proposals are not a waste of time for the councils time.

1.3 Proposal will require a clear guideline -

A) Title

B) Objective

C) Reason Any proposal that does not contain a title, objective and reason will not be considered before the council.

1.4 After the proposal has been put forward the council stage of Debate will become active, for the 1st 24 hours the member that the proposal came from is not allowed to email the council lists. This is to allow impartiality in decision process.

2.1 - Debate Debate stage is open to all game members irrelevant of time in game - This will occur as soon as the proposal has been put before the council. The debate stage is designed to allow all members to give their opinions on the proposed issue.

2.2 After 14 days of a issue being open for debate the Current council president will declare the vote date and time period. Primarily this time for vote will be 1 day after the close of debate

3.1 - Vote and ratification

The vote will be called generally 1 day after the 14th day of debate. The time period allowed for voting will be minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 5. Dependant upon the issue the president will be free to distinguish that period

Illegibility - If a player has proposed the bill then that player is not illegal to vote on the issue!

3.2 Voting will occur with in the period in section 3.1. The voting will be based upon OMOV (One Man One Vote) This system will mean that no player has any undue influence over the council and thus the game.

3.3 After the close of the vote period the presidents duty will be to return the vote to the council after the tallying of the votes. The presidents roll will be to ensure that impartial voting occurs and no identities are divulged!

Once the votes are counted the president is to return the result of the vote, a majority of 1 can pass a proposal into legislation. At that point the proposal shall become part of the game and thus a requirement of the players to abide by it. After the period of 1 month the bill can be brought to once more be reassessed by the council if it is having any form of negative aspect under any members idea.

Article Two - Commanding Officer

This section contains the requirements of a commanding officer and the Commanding officers duties to the crew he or she commands. Finally section three will cover the methods of accountability for commanding officers.

2.1 - Duties

2.1.1 The commanding officer must post at least once a week dependant upon personal circumstance

2.1.2 Produce a crew list for the head of the academy or delegate to Command Level officer

2.1.3 Act as litigator between any crew disputes only if informed by one of the parties if it occurs off list

2.1.4 Formulate and at least Co run a mission for the crew to post to

2.1.5 Inform ships First Officer and Council of any absence over 1 week - this is exempt if the Commanding Officers real life interferes or situations out of control - I.e. real life act of god (Accident etc)

2.1.6 Be responsible for promotions and demotions as is deemed necessary - However do not threaten any person in Real Life conversations or emails

2.1.7 Produce Captain’s log minimum of once every 2 months

2.1.8 Vote in Command Officer ratification

2.1.9 Vote in all policies unless RL prevention

2.2 - Eligibility

2.2.1 1 year inside the game or relevant experience

2.2.2 A good and constant posting style

2.2.3 Achieve majority of current command level support - No Commanding officer can be placed with out a prior vote of Command level officers CO’S, FO’S, 2O’S and 3O’s

2.2.4 Only once the vote has been achieved will a CO be placed aboard a vessel

2.3 - Constraints and impeachment


If a CO fails to achieve any of the duties specified in section 2.1 any member of that crew can propose impeachment proceedings to occur through the council - Command level officers before Any other actions not specified in section 2.1 will be dealt with on a case by case basis and firstly placed through Command Level officers for judgment on validity before impeachment proceedings

2.3.2 Impeachment will follow the standard guidelines of article one - Once the vote occurs of all players the action will be followed. In the circumstance that the CO is found guilty the First Officer will assume acting command until Command Level officers can vote on a replacement

Article Three - First Officers and Other Command Level

First officer has a interlinked series of duties with the Commanding officer. The First Officer is open equally to scrutiny and impeachment

3.1 - Duties

3.1.1 Post at least once a week dependant upon personal circumstance

3.1.2 Maintain mission in case of CO absence

3.1.3 Assist the Captain in litigation - If required by CO

3.1.4 Assist the CO in any mission if required - Constraint of RL allowing

3.1.5 Inform CO of any absence over 1 week - Unless exceptional circumstances are in effect

3.1.6 Produce any objective required of the CO duties if asked

3.1.7 At no point threaten any member of the game via any medium unless it is in a post and thus not open to the idea of a threat

3.2 - Eligibility

3.2.1 Been in game at least 4 months

3.2.2 Good posting record

3.2.3 Assigned by the ships commanding officer only!

3.3 - Constraints

3.3.1 - All infractions of any command persons must be reported to the CO who will enforce any punishments that is deemend necessary. On numerous infractions the Command Crews must be informed, only at that point will a replacement and removal be considered

Article 4 - The Council President The President is responsible for the litigation side of the game, the office of the president is to ensure the smooth running of the game and to ensure independent constraints on Command figures.

4.1 - Powers The presidents powers only apply to the field of council voting, the president cannot exercise any power over CO’s out of the field of the council. The Presidents role is to count and return to result of the count to the members of the game.

4.2 - Eligibility

4.2.1 The candidates will put themselves forward in the closing month of the Presidents 1 year term

4.2.2 Presidents have to be of good standing inside the game and been a member for at least 6 months

4.2.3 Be command level inside the game for security purposes

2 May 2005